Bridge District in Downtown Orlando

While nothing is in stone, a 5-block stretch of Downtown Orlando land under I-4 might one day be turned into a park according to the City of Orlando.

The property belongs to the Florida Department of Transportation.

There's no partnership agreement in place with FDOT at this time, nor is there funding.

The City of Orlando does have a conceptual working plan for the bridge district under I-4. It's "intended to convey a potential vision of how the Bridge District could be developed as an urban community park." 

Here's more from the Conceptual Working Plan:
  1. Whether approaching from the west or the east, as people walk towards I-4 they will be greeted with an urban park.
  2. The northern block bounded by Washington and Central is the largest block of the Under i park. This block features sports: two indoor size soccer fields, pickle ball courts, basketball courts, shuffleboard, ping pong, and 1/4 mile running track. 
  3. As you cross Central Blvd. you’ll be right in the middle of Lynx’s downtown super stop. 
  4. The middle block is for families with children: playground, sandbox, urban swing, and Orlando’s first splash pad.
  5. When you cross over Pine Street there's a dog run and skate park.
  6. Continuing towards Church Street brings you into our flexible entertainment and market space
  7. The other side of Church Street houses a marketplace.