Food Hall Team Scraps Its Maitland City Centre Opening

Brian Grandstaff of Millenia Partners, brokers/consultants Mary Ashy and Maria Bonomo and DoveCote owner Clayton Miller were scheduled to open a 5,000 sq ft food hall inside Maitland City Centre called Spindrift Food Hall. Originally when they announced it, they said it'd be "an ideal fit based on its demographics and lack of foodie competition."

But now there'll be a lack of food hall competition. Spindrift Food Hall isn't coming. The Grandstaff/Ashy/Bonomo/Miller team blame restaurant restaurant oversaturation in the area as the reason they reconsidered the sustainability of the project according to the group's press release on TastyChomps. They claimed there were too many new projects hitting the market at the same time.

If Grandstaff/Ashy/Bonomo/Miller didn't think they could survive in the the cut-throat dog-eat-dog here-today-gone-tomorrow take-no-prisoners food scene of Maitland then their closing-before-opening choice is understandable.

The group is on the hunt for a new Central Florida location: specifically urban infill projects with critical mass.

In the meantime go visit Orlando's first food hall, Market on Magnolia.