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Mark Baratelli, 407-308-1417, mark@thedailycity.com

The Daily City shares news about local Orlando's retail, residential and restaurant projects. Its editorial podcast, Orlando Opinions, is a scripted raging 5-minute take on that news.

The Daily City is the longest running indie news blog in Orlando. It was created in 2007 and has produced over 10,000 posts. The original name was "Orlando Arts Blog." Mark Baratelli ran it from hotel rooms while he was acting in national tours. In 2009 he came home to Orlando for good after visiting over 100 American cities. It was then that he changed the direction of the blog to city life.

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  1. Orlando Opinions is the name.

Pocket Newspaper
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Our Live Event
  1. The Daily City's Food Truck Bazaar
  2. This event is a 3-hour street food community dinner
  3. This event visits 8 Central Florida cities per month
  4. It was launched March 31, 2011
  5. This has been produced by us over 800 times.

Past Live Events
  1. Pop up Shop
  2. Pop Up Dinner
  3. Parking Space Takeover
  4. Monthly UHaul Art Show
  5. Taco Truck Taste Tests
  6. Orlando Cardboard Art Festival
  7. Night Market
  8. Audience Choice Awards for the Orlando Fringe Festival
  9. Meeting of the Orlando Minds
  10. Orlando Improv Festival
  11. Orlando Panel Series
  12. Orlando Indie Media Meetup

About the Editor: Mark Baratelli has a background in comedy improv and acting. He creating the nation's first touring food truck event, TheDailyCity.com's Food Truck Bazaar. For this, he was inducted into Orlando Sentinel's prestigious Culinary Hall of Fame and named one of Orlando Business Journal's 40 Under 40.