City Installs Bar to Help Cyclists Stay Upright at Intersections

By Mark Baratelli
The region's first Biker Bar™ was installed this week in Orlando. It's made by a company called Dero. The red bar was installed on a shared sidewalk at the NW and SW corner of Mills Avenue & Princeton Street (MAP). A shared sidewalk means both pedestrians and cyclists can use it. This shared sidewalk is part of the Orlando Urban Trail.

The Biker Bar™ is a leaning rail designed to give bicyclists a place to rest a hand and foot to balance while waiting at an intersection without needing to dismount. People on bikes will no longer have to reach for the curb or a sign post to support them at traffic lights.

The Biker Bar also acts as a push-off point, with its grip-tape covered foot rest to assist riders in getting an efficient start from a full stop. This helps keep traffic moving efficiently and safely through the intersection.

The "Biker Bar" was paid for and installed by the City of Orlando.

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